“From seeing an advert for Manor Mews I knew this venue was the one and so wrote to them demanding a visit. I was so excited I’m pretty sure I forgot the basics, i.e. when I would want a wedding, what kind of thing I’m looking for etc. I half-heartedly booked other venues to view but for after MM so I didn’t have to bother seeing them if MM was perfect, and guess what, it was. In every single way. Janie and Shirley are the most fantastic of women, so welcoming, so kind and so enthusiastic to share my happiness and excitement. We came to visit, and it is just beautiful, I said yes even when I was just in the car park…even my hungover husband to be perked up. We met the ladies, saw the barn, accommodation and the rest is history.

I truly believe without Janie and Shirley, and my UNV coordinator Cody, my day would have been a completely stressful occasion, but all three women treated me like family. No question was too many, no email too long, no detail too minor; they supported me all the way up until the Monday we left (post wedding) and a few queries after! I didn’t feel any stress knowing I had the magnificent three ready to fix any problem (excluding the rain despite Shirley’s husband trying!), but it made the venue gorgeous and people huddled together!

The UNV partnership is great, I was a bit wary at first, but Cody let me express all my concerns and I built up the wedding the way I wanted with the amazing help of Epic Events.
Honestly, I had the most amazing wedding, every supplier was so kind, the ladies were incredible, and they just made me feel like the world was going my way. The accommodation is incredible and seriously under emphasised, my guests could not believe they were staying where they were. The honeymoon cottage is nicer than my house. Everything was beautiful, everything still makes me smile looking back on it, and I have to push every bride to have a weekend wedding. By Sunday eve my best friends were new best friends with uncles and work colleagues were best friends with cousins.

With the accommodation and barn; and my three ladies I had the best, most fun and stress free wedding and weekend. I don’t like my teeth but in the photos all you can see is a big grin, I could not stop smiling, and genuinely one of the happiest days of my life.

Thank you MM/UNV crew, and my best wishes to you all!”

Rebecca Lucey, 2019